VIDEO TOOL : The Revolution Prevention Training

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It is a daily challenge to make sure procedures, operating modalities, and instructions are duly followed and assimilated by our staff. Video Tool is a simple and straightforward digital approach that addresses the usual difficulties of the Prevention Officer and the Trainer.





Tackling Passivity: During training or within 15 minutes of safety, the formula for transferring knowledge is top-down, between an active savy and a passive learner. Under these conditions, it is difficult to get support.


Moving closer to the real issue: it is a real challenge working from the training room given that it involves a lot of teaching resources or expensive and not very flexible simulation tools. Whereas in the field, it is just a few steps away….


The script limits the integration: procedures, operating modes, instructions, training materials, a common feature: the script. You have to read, and read well which is compounded by the increasing use of multiple languages at construction sites or in factories.


Poor coverage: statics displays, power point, Xcell with low-visibility images, use of standard video that is outside the participant’s direct environment and the challenges experienced in the field

Testimonial by Jean Julien, QHSE facilitator:

You have to work with what you have!

« We have all dealt with these miscellaneous documents which are often complex to read and memorize. But of course, I am making efforts to make them more efficient and the digital technology has made it easier to use photos and short videos taken in the field. However, the only challenge is knowing whether the instructions will be followed or whether they have been properly understood… »





gain operating skills


 –become aware of the risks involved



=> A logical digital solution

Your operating procedures and safety instructions are converted into a digital image format:

For each instruction, there is a sample video and a graphic guide to help the staff replicate the expected task.

The transfer process is fast because your documentation is entirely observed.



=> shoot to teach yourself

The app shows the employee in a real-life situation on the site. 

Working within a team and under the guidance of the app, the employee is from now required to follow the instructions. 

From this point on, there is no skipping of any of the steps. In order to produce a movie at the end, you must shoot all the provided instructions from the first to the last part…


Video Tool that leverages all the advantages of a video: appealing and inspiring when produced by employees, engaging and efficient when the final product is shared with the rest of the team


A lively documetation daily

Once converted and inserted into Video Tool, your documentation becomes an everyday tool to make, view, share and send as a reference tool. It can also be updated regularly to keep up with the company’s needs.



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